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import catkit
import numpy as np
import ase

[docs]def bulk(name, crystalstructure=None, primitive=False, **kwargs): """Return the standard conventional cell of a bulk structure created using ASE. Accepts all keyword arguments for the ase bulk generator. Parameters ---------- name : Atoms object | str Chemical symbol or symbols as in 'MgO' or 'NaCl'. crystalstructure : str Must be one of sc, fcc, bcc, hcp, diamond, zincblende, rocksalt, cesiumchloride, fluorite or wurtzite. primitive : bool Return the primitive unit cell instead of the conventional standard cell. Returns ------- standardized_bulk : Gratoms object The conventional standard or primitive bulk structure. """ if isinstance(name, str): atoms =, crystalstructure, **kwargs) else: atoms = name standardized_bulk = catkit.gen.symmetry.get_standardized_cell( atoms, primitive=primitive) return standardized_bulk
[docs]def surface( elements, size, miller=(1, 1, 1), termination=0, fixed=0, vacuum=10, orthogonal=False, **kwargs): """A helper function to return the surface associated with a given set of input parameters to the general surface generator. Parameters ---------- elements : str or object The atomic symbol to be passed to the as bulk builder function or an atoms object representing the bulk structure to use. size : list (3,) Number of time to expand the x, y, and z primitive cell. miller : list (3,) or (4,) The miller index to cleave the surface structure from. If 4 values are used, assume Miller-Bravis convention. termination : int The index associated with a specific slab termination. fixed : int Number of layers to constrain. vacuum : float Angstroms of vacuum to add to the unit cell. orthogonal : bool Force the slab generator to produce the most orthogonal slab. Returns ------- slab : Gratoms object Return a slab generated from the specified bulk structure. """ if isinstance(elements, ase.Atoms): atoms = elements else: bkwargs = kwargs.copy() keys = ['crystalstructure', 'a', 'c', 'covera', 'u', 'orthorhombic', 'cubic'] for key in kwargs: if key not in keys: del bkwargs[key] atoms =, **bkwargs) generator = catkit.gen.surface.SlabGenerator( bulk=atoms, miller_index=miller, layers=size[-1], vacuum=vacuum, fixed=fixed, layer_type=kwargs.get('layer_type', 'trim'), attach_graph=kwargs.get('attach_graph', True), standardize_bulk=kwargs.get('standardize_bulk', True), tol=kwargs.get('tol', 1e-8) ) if len(size) == 2: size = size[0] elif len(size) == 3 and not orthogonal: size = size[:2] if orthogonal: catkit.gen.defaults['orthogonal'] = True if isinstance(size, (list, tuple)): size =[:2]) slab = generator.get_slab(size=size, iterm=termination) return slab
[docs]def molecule(species, bond_index=None, vacuum=0): """Return list of enumerated gas-phase molecule structures based on species and topology. Parameters ---------- species : str The chemical symbols to construct a molecule from. bond_index : int Construct the molecule as though it were adsorbed to a surface parallel to the z-axis. Will bond by the atom index given. vacuum : float Angstroms of vacuum to pad the molecules with. Returns ------- images : list of Gratoms objects 3D structures of the requested chemical species and topologies. """ molecule_graphs = catkit.gen.molecules.get_topologies(species) images = [] for atoms in molecule_graphs: atoms = catkit.gen.molecules.get_3D_positions(atoms, bond_index) images += [atoms] return images